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Almost all of our Database Items, Price Points, UPCs and Subjects on hobbyDB have been added by volunteers (some Brands add items and some data has been added by the full-timers). This task force, our Volunteer Squad, has special powers. These are the folks that clean incorrect information from the site, organize the database for better browsing, add pictures and descriptions so that every collector can easily spot differences between Subvariants, and much more.

Sound interesting? Think you're up to the task? We're always looking for passionate collectors of all types to help us make hobbyDB the ultimate resource for collectors around the world. Contact us if you'd like to give it a try!

Squad Roles

Contributor badge

Start as a Contributor: Get to know the building blocks of the guide

This is generally the starting point for new Volunteer Squad members. Adding Price Points, UPCs, and Images is easy, fun and adds a tremendous amount of value to hobbyDB.  A little bit more information here. If interested please get in touch by clicking the green contact hobbyDB button on the righthand side of your screen. To help us get you started, please include your name, username, and what you like to collect.

Creator badge

Next, become a Creator: Add cool things to the database

The next step is to become a Creator (or HRC Creator if you collect Hard Rock pins) which allows a Squad member to add new Database Items or correct existing data. Here is an overview of this role.

Creator badge

Curators are special: Edit and patrol the Subject you know best

Curators (or Pin Master if you collect Hard Rock pins) are responsible for one or more Subjects such as a Brand, Series, Designer, City, or whatever! Squad members can ask to add this role over time and collectors with a good knowledge base can apply for this role right from the start. Learn more here.

Champion badge

Champions: Our Guardians of the hobbyDB Galaxy

Our Champions are experts in certain types of collectibles and know hobbyDB very well. They help “police” the site, hence their Sheriff Star badge on their Showcases! hobbyDB heavily relies on their expertise in a specific areas to help keep our site as correct, complete, and accurate as possible. Here is a quick intro.

Coordinator badge

Coordinators: Our Managers

Coordinators are at the top of the totem pole and are selected by invite only. They help organize large segments of data such as our more than 90,000 Hard Rock Cafe merchandise items or 50,000 Hot Wheels items. They also help other Squad members and invite new members to join the team. More here.

Role Permissions

The table below shows the actions each Squad role has the ability to perform.

NOTE: HRC Creators do not have the ability to edit Database Items (Pin Masters, the equivalent of the Curator, do have it). The Pin Master Advisory Board is appointing and promoting Hard Rock Café-related Squad members.

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