Welcome to the Local Directory! We're super excited to have you join our community. It's super easy to add your new listing or listings to the Local Directory. If you have not read how this works yet, learn how to in the following articles if you are - 

   A Museum

   A Retailer

   An Event Producer

Once you've joined us, just follow these four steps - 

1. Email us your member name so that we can grant you the right to add your listing. We'll send you a confirmation email as soon as you're ready to go.

2. Log out of your account and then back in to access the new form here - https://www.hobbydb.com/marketplaces/hobbydb/local and click Add Entry

3. Fill out the form to your liking, including adding a photo of your location or event flyer.

4. Click save and you'll be live in the Directory!

If you are adding more than one entry to the Local Directory, use the Clone button to quickly add new listings.