Over the past few years, you might have come across our effort to document every collectible ever made. The hobbyDB database now includes more than 780,000 collectible items ranging from carpets to coins and comics and more, which represent over 12,000 brands and makers. We have 2,500 volunteers who are constantly adding items and keeping the site and price guide as up-to-date as possible. We also have a strong community of 640,000 members who own more than 50 million items in their hobbyDB collection management system.

Since the beginning, it has been important for us to work directly with museums like yours as we know they are an essential part of the collectible ecosystem. You can see some examples of how we've worked with museums in the past here.

Over the years, we've been asked by so many people to offer some sort of Directory listing for museums, retailers, and events. This is super helpful for our collectors especially when they are traveling and want to find the nearest/coolest place to fuel their collecting passion.

The directory will include your location, a description, as many photos as you like, contact details, your hours of operation and admission fees. You'll also be able to add special events separately.

It's Free for Museums

As mentioned above, we love museums, which is why we have made it free for any museum to add their information to the Local Directory.

And It's Super Easy

  1. Create a free hobbyDB account and send your username to museum@hobbydb.com. We will set up a privilege for you to be able to add your information and will send you instructions for how to do so.

  2. Add your information to our online form and you'll be live!