For an introduction on Quests please read here. Be sure to let us know on Facebook or directly in a message if you are claiming a quest.

Ongoing Quests 

Claimed by Anyone and Everyone / just do it!

Price Squad Members and above

1.) Our new App needs UPCs to be really useful.  Go to Curation  >  Manage Database Items, use the No UPC scope (little button on top of the page) and find 25 UPCs for any Databases Items that are missing theirs! You can even filter by subjects and series you are interested in.  Here is the shortcut to that page.

2.) Action Figure Pricing! Go to Curation  >  Manage Database Items, use the No Estimated Value scope (little button on top of the page) and find 20 eBay prices for any action figure in the database that doesn't have one yet!  Here is the shortcut to that page. Alternate badge opportunity. Add 20 new prices to ANY item using the new multi-add eBay price tool.

Contributor and above - We are continuing our push for images! We have 564,000 items in the database now, but 57,000 are missing images. Let's get that number down!

3.) Did you know you can go to the curator dashboard and simply filter by "No images". Pick any 15 items at random, add a nice, cropped image (without a background if you can) and earn a shiny new page. Multiple badge opportunities available. You could earn 3,800 badges this week alone!

4. ) We've recently added Mattel's Batman Begins series to the database. We've added all the items, but need help with open and/or boxed images. Pick any 15 item and add images for a badge upgrade!

5.) So many missing wheels! Over 1,000 hot wheels are missing images in our database... that's like, what, 4,000 missing wheels? Help us fill the gap. 15 images earns you a badge!

6.) We've recently added Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half Shell Heroes to the database, but need help with the images. Pick any 15 item and add images (boxed and unboxed if possible) for a badge upgrade!

7.) Any Drago Ball fans in the house? We've recently added all the boxed Dragon Ball World Collectible Figures to the database, but need a lot of help with images. If you can add 15 clean open images to the database, you have our permission to start every conversation with "Yo! I'm Goku!", plus you can have a badge.

8.) Have you seen the new tiny Mattel Micro Collection available at Dollar Tree? Help us add them to our collection. Start with Masters of the Universe but you can add any of the new series you want. Each complete series earns you a badge (there are typically 5-6 in a series, see here: Dollar Tree Mattel MOTU)

9.) Quality matters, too! We've still go lots of HRC pins that need upgraded high quality images... can you do your part?

More to come soon!