This section helps our Volunteer Squad keep the database clean and consistent! It pertains to all Squad members. If you're interested in getting involved, read more about joining the Squad here. We'd love to have you aboard!

For an introduction to our Quests please read here. Be sure to let us know either on Facebook or directly in a message if you are claiming or have completed a quest!

The Most Noble Quest

Are you a knight in shining armor, itching to slay a dragon? We have many Database Items that are missing photos. As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words," so we want to make sure every item has at least one! To earn a badge upgrade for this Quest, add photos to 10 items that don't have any yet. Be sure to follow our guidelines for photos, here. As a bonus, if you add both a Main Photo and a Show on Search Photo to each of those ten items you'll qualify for two badge upgrades!

Hint: to find items that need photos, go to the Manage Database Items page and click the "No Images" scope button at the top. You can use the filters on the right side of the page to narrow it down to specific Brands, Series, or other specific items.

Ongoing Quests 

These quests are claimable by anyone and everyone. Just jump in and let us know when you're done!

Contributors and above

1.) The hobbyDB App needs Database Items to have UPCs for it to be really useful. Go to Curation  >  Manage Database Items, use the No UPC scope (little button on top of the page) and find 25 UPCs for any Databases Items that are missing theirs! You can even filter by subjects and series you are interested in. Here is the shortcut to that page.

2.) Action Figure Pricing! Go to Curation  >  Manage Database Items, use the No Estimated Value scope (little button on top of the page) and find 20 eBay prices for any action figure in the database that doesn't have one yet!  Here is the shortcut to that page. 

3.) Let your wheels breathe! Many of the die cast vehicles in our database only have a carded image for the "Main" image and they are missing the open "Show on Search Photo". We've gathered a bunch of images HERE, organized by Toy Number (Manufacturer ID on hobbyDB), but we need help adding them all to the database. Add 30 images (one folder) to earn a badge upgrade! 

4.) Someone keeps scanning them, but what are they!?! We can now track frequently failed scans... here is our initial "top 90". We've added the missing UPCs to the existing items but there are several more that require adding a brand new item to the database or tracking down the Hot Topic 8 digit code. Do you have what it takes to earn a badge by finding and fixing 5 of them? Use this link to see what we need help with on a Google sheet. Mark an item resolved after you find out what it is.

5.) Quality matters, too! We've still got lots of HRC pins that need upgraded, high quality images... can you do your part?

Creators and above:

6.) Funko’s Festival of Fun at ECCC is in the books. Now it’s time to add them to our collections! We need your help in completing this year’s items, including Subvarianting convention and shared exclusives, as well as assigning the correct box sticker as the Detail Image. Find the entire Festival of Fun collection here

7.) Link 5 autographed Pops to their standard version as a Subvariant, with proper Subvariant Titles and Detail Photos. Learn how to connect Subvariants here, and see all autographed Funko items here.