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Every Database Item should ideally have two standard photos — a Main Photo and a Show on Search Photo, plus a Detail Photo for Subvariants — but there is no limit to how many other photos a Database Item can have. The more details that can be shown, the better!


How to Add a Photo

  1. If you're creating a new Database Item you can click the blue Save & Add Photos button at the bottom of the page to go directly to Edit Photos as your new item is saved.

  2. If you want to add photos to an existing item, navigate to the Database Item page and click the Edit button, then click Photos to go to the Edit Photos page:

  3. To upload a photo, click the blue Browse Files button and select a photo from your computer/device. You can also drag and drop an image file onto the page. You can add multiple photos at the same time.

    Note: there's a known issue that prevents photos from being uploaded if the page URL is missing www. Make sure the URL in your address bar starts with the full before adding photos.

    The Edit Photos page also has links to Experte Background Remover and, two services that can automatically remove the background from images. Removing the background can make good photos great.

  4. Your photos will appear on the page below the Drag & Drop box and background removal links. You may need to scroll down to see them.

    Click on the gear icon at the top right corner of each photo to see several options:
    • Set as Main Photo
    • Set as Show on Search Photo
    • Set as Detail Photo
    • Rotate Left
    • Rotate Right
    • Remove Photo (Coordinators only, unless you just uploaded the photo and haven't saved yet)

  5. Set a Main Photo and Show on Search Photo, and if the item is a Subvariant also set a Detail Photo.
    • If your photo isn't oriented correctly you can use Rotate Left or Rotate Right to correct it.
    • You can add a description or other info to the Caption field below the image. If you're adding someone else's photo (with permission, of course), credit them here.
    • After saving, you will not be able to remove photos unless you have the Coordinator Squad role.

  6. When all your photos have been added and the photo types have been set, click Save at the bottom of the page. It may take a few minutes for your photos to show on the Database Item page.

Photo Types

The Main Photo

This image ideally shows the item new in its packaging. These photos of a model car and an action figure on sealed blister cards are perfect for the items' Main Photos:

If the item can't be clearly seen without removing it from its packaging, the Main Photo can show the item out of the package. In these cases the Main Photo will ideally show the both item and its packaging. Here are some examples:

The Show on Search Photo

This image ideally shows the item on its own, out of the packaging. The idea is to show the item as distinctly as possible and make it easy to identify in search results. These are excellent Show on Search Photos for the car and figure shown above:

The Show on Search photo will be displayed when you add a relationship between two Database Items and a master Subvariant's Show on Search Photo will show at the top of the Subvariant page.

If an item doesn't have a Show on Search Photo its Main Photo will be shown on search instead.

The Detail Photo

A Detail Photo is only necessary for Subvariants. Subvariants are very similar to each other but differ in one or more small details such as the packaging or interior color of a model car. The Detail Photo should be cropped tightly and only show the differences that set the item apart from its other Subvariants. Here, for example, the use of different languages on the packaging:

If there is more than one difference and those differences are difficult to show in a single image, a composite image can be used. Here are good composite Detail Photos for two model cars that have different color packaging artwork and different countries of origin but are otherwise identical:

For very small and easy-to-miss details an image with an explanation can help:

We have some pre-made "tag size" images that can be used for Detail Photos on clothing size Subvariants:

If you don't have access to image editing software and need help creating a composite Detail Photo, feel free to post in the Volunteer Squad Facebook group and ask for another Squad member to create it for you.

General Guidelines

  • Be sure you have permission from the copyright holder to upload the photo (stock and marketing images from manufacturers are generally okay to use).

  • A bad photo is better than no photo. If a better photo is uploaded later, it can be set as Main Photo instead.

  • Similarly, more photos are better than fewer photos.

  • Images with no watermarks are MUCH preferred (but a bad photo is still better than none!).

  • We generally do not delete images unless they are duplicates, wrong for the item, or violate somebody's copyright. If a photo needs to be deleted or moved to another database item, please flag it.

  • All images have a field for a caption that allows to call out relevant details.

  • When adding images to a number of similar items use the same angle for each Show on Search image, if possible (for example a 3/4 view for model cars with the front of the car on the left).

  • Ideal photos have a white or transparent background, unless the item is white or almost white — in those cases a black background works best (we highly recommend, a free website that does an excellent job in removing backgrounds).

  • Photos in a diorama or of the item in a historical context (for example as a prop in a movie) are great as additional photos.

  • We have big plans to add more options for photos in the future. See our blog article about those plans, and please comment there if you have suggestions.

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