There is no limit to how many photos a Database Item can have.  Up to 3 of those photos are our Standard Photos  -

The Show on Search Photo

This image ideally shows the item on its own, so just an Action Figure or just a loose model car. The idea is to show the item as distinctly as possible  -

This is also the photo that we use when you relate its Database Item to another Database Item.

The Main Photo

This image ideally shows the item in its package in new in its packaging.  Here examples of Blister cards  -

And here examples of Database Items that can be removed from its packaging, showing as much of the item for this Photo as possible  -

If there is no Show on Search Photo or Details Photo (see next) then the Main Photo will be shown instead.

The Details Photo

This is only relevant for Subvariants. Subvariants are very similar but in one or more smaller details such as the interior color or a model or the backpage of a set of Playing Cards. The Details Photo should only show that difference. Here for example the size of the product and use of different languages on the packaging -

f there is more than one difference and those are difficult to show in a single image then a composite image can be used, here for example different color artwork and different baseplate countries  -

For very small and easy to miss details an image with an explanation can help  -

And here some general guidance

  • A bad photo is better than no photo (and it can be replaced as Main Photo with a more suitable image later).

  • Similarly, more photos are better than fewer photos.

  • Images with no watermarks are MUCH preferred (but a bad photo is still better than none  ;-).

  • We generally do not delete images unless they are duplicates, wrong for the item, or violate somebody's copyrights.  If a photo needs to be deleted please flag it.

  • All images have a field for a caption that allows to call out relevant details.

  • If adding a number of similar images use the same layout for Show on Search images (for example a 2/3 view for model cars with the front of the car on the left).

  • Ideally, photos have a clear background, unless the item is white or almost white when a black background works best (we highly recommend, a free website that does an excellent job in removing backgrounds.

  • Photos in a diorama or of the item in a historical context (for example as a prop in a movie) are great.