This article helps our Volunteer Squad keep the database clean and consistent! It pertains to members who have Creator access and above. If you're interested in getting involved, read more about joining the Squad here. We'd love to have you aboard!

New Subjects can be added by going to Curation and clicking on Add Subject  -

(please always carefully check if we do not have the Subject yet)

Existing Subjects can be changed using the Edit button at the bottom of each Subject (you might have to scroll past some white space to find it) -

That will load the Add New Subject or Edit Subject form (they are the same with the latter just showing the existing information)  -

Here are some tips  -

  • Again, always search for a Subject before creating a new one for an item or items. We are generally using the full name so "Corgi Toys" versus "Corgi". We also drop legal entities such as "Shell Ltd" or "Shell GmbH" so just use "Shell".

  • Check your spelling! It's all too common to find a misspelled Subject with one item attributed to it. This is because the Subject creator mistyped the subject while attributing an item to it, creating a second, incorrect subject in the database (please flag these for merging).

  • Make sure to add the right Subject in the right field.  So "Indianapolis 2015" is not a Series but a race and has to go into Related Races or if that is not on the form Related Subjects.  If the company made a series of Indianapolis 2015 items then that Series should have the official name and if that is indeed "Indianapolis 2015" it should have the Brand as an Identifier. More tips on adding Subjects to Database Items here.

  • When creating Subjects, please make sure that they have the full name (including middle initial), at least one photo (if it's a person, make sure the photo only has the person of interest in it), a quick description, related subjects, Parent Subjects (if applicable) and an Identifier.

  • Parent Subjects and Identifier are optional. A Subject could have more than one Parent subject, a typical example is a Basketball player that played for two NBA teams.

  • For the Additional Keywords field make sure to add nicknames and other aliases, so add "VW" to Volkswagen or "Grogu" to The Child as an alias.  But do not use this to stuff the page full of keywords that are not related.