We use as many different Price Points as we can to calculate the Estimated Value of a Database Item.  Here are the Price Points are currently use  -

1. Retail Price

This is the price paid when first buying an item in the stores and often has a name such as -

  • Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) in the USA and elsewhere
  • Recommended Retail Price (RRP) in the UK
  • Suggested Retail Price (SRP) in the UK
  • Unverbindliche Preisempfehlung in Germany

Ideally, this is the first price on each item and the starting point for the Price Chart.  For older Retail Prices the day and month might be estimated.

NOTE.  Items in blind packaging all have the same Retail Price regardless or ratios or statuses such as common or chase.

2. User Estimated Values 

These are values that have been added by some of our members that have good knowledge in the area. Sometimes these values are the best estimates for the individual database item as there have been no recent transactions. As these estimated values are still a data point, we thought it would be important to display if there is no other pricing information. 

However, once we have market transactions or other Price Points on the Database Item the User Estimated Value is not used in the calculation of the Estimated Value.  Most "User Estimated Values" will link to the actual showcase of the member that added the value (User Estimated Values added before September 18, 2020, were called Curator Price and for those, we did not record the associated username.

3a. Price Guides (Books)

Contributors now have the ability to add values from respected price guides such as the Tri-Ang Toys Price Guide. If you are interested in adding a book to the list of accepted Price Guides contact us!

3b. Price Guides (Online)

In December 2018, we were approached by the Hard Rock Pin Community to see if we could provide their database and collections a new home. 

As part of the data transfer, we received around 65,000 estimated values of Hard Rock Cafe Pins. The Hard Rock Pin Catalog Estimated Values were averages of what users of the old database had reported they had paid for their pins.  We are interested in adding other online Price Guides to hobbyDB.

4. Auction House Prices

Contributors now have the ability to add reported values from auction houses that share their results online or in printed form.  If you like us to add an Auction House not on the list yet contact us!

5. Online Marketplaces 

Sales on hobbyDB get automatically assigned as Price Points and Contributors have the ability to add sales on eBay.

6. Direct Sales

A direct or private sale can be added to an item's estimated value as a YouTube or other publically available video that documents the transaction. The video must include information on - 

  • Transaction Date
  • Seller Name
  • Price paid
  • A video of all sides of the item to prove condition degree

We have plans to add more Price Points, for more on our vision for the Price Guide read here.