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Auction House sales are ideal for inclusion in the Price Guide to help calculate an accurate Estimated Value.

Here is how you can add them!

Navigate to the Database Item and click Price Points in the menu above the Item Name, then click Add other Price Point.

Select an auction house from the Price Source drop-down menu:

Note: If the Auction House you want to add prices from isn't in the list, let us know by clicking the green Contact hobbyDB button at the top of this and we will add it as an option!

Please add all the information and don't forget to add the Buyer's Premium to the price paid (if reported separately from the winning bid).

Details on each field:

TitleTitle of the auction listing.
Price SourceSelect the auction house from the drop-down menu.
Currency (if not US$)Select the original currency for the auction if it's anything other than US Dollars.
Value (In that currency)Enter the selling price in the currency selected above.
Value (US$)Enter the selling price in US Dollars. If you've entered a price in a different currency above, you'll need to convert it to USD. You can use or to do this. If the date of the auction's closing is more than a couple of months ago, be sure to use the exchange rate from the day the auction closed to convert from the original currency to USD.
ConditionSet using the slider. Unlike other price points, we can add non-mint items from auction houses as long as the condition slider is set properly. See here for more information.
PackagingSet using the slider. If the auction didn't include the item's packaging, click the checkbox for "This item has no packaging".
DescriptionCopy and paste the description from the auction listing.
Valued atEnter the date the auction closed.
ImageUpload the main image from the auction, if possible.
Source URLEnter the URL of the original auction listing.