The hobbyDB Retail Network is an emerging network of independent Collectibles Stores that is currently in trial and launching officially in Q2. It utilizes the hobbyDB inventory management system and our Member App or a hobbyDB Retail App that is currently being finished to reach a huge community of collectors. This all-in-one system can replace any current system and offers retailers the ability to sell

  1. online with purchases shipped

  2. online with buyers picking up in-store or at an event

  3. in-store (see how it works in the Store)

with one central inventory management tool. 


  1. All items will be available on the hobbyDB marketplace (and our other partner sites as well as your hobbyDB Store) for online orders that can be shipped from the store.

  2. All items can be bought online and then picked up in person at the store (so folks save on shipping costs)

  3. Collectibles can be bought in the store using the hobbyDB App.

  4. hobbyDB Retail Network Partners get an exclusive first look to buy collections from hobbyDB Members with a consignment service planned for the end of Quarter 2.

How to join

  1. Send us an email that you'd like to join the hobbyDB Retail Network with a quick profile of what you are selling

  2. Retailers add their inventory to their hobbyDB account

  3. Barcode your inventory (more on how to do that here)

Book a Demo

Reach out to Support via this button or the Green Button on the top right.