If you are a power seller, want to create your own traffic, and have a destination where you can send buyers to only see your items, you're a perfect candidate for the hobbyDB Store Solution. And don't worry, with a hobbyDB Store, all of your items will still show in the hobbyDB marketplace and our other marketplaces that we power (such as PPG). Even better, your listings in the marketplace will also have a store icon link that takes your customers directly to your storefront - 

You can apply your own design, here are some examples  -

Other customizable features include -

  • Your own Favicon (the little image at the very top of each tab that can link back to your own storefront), Banner and Intro text

  • Link to your Facebook page

  • Your own Categories and the ability to feature specific items for sale

  • Email Capture - customers can sign up on an email list to receive special offers from your Storefront

The best part about your storefront is that customers only search through your inventory. We've made a few updates to the design of storefronts including -  

  • Updating the header navigation - we removed the traditional hobbyDB header and simply added a "Back to hobbyDB" button. This will help ensure your customers don't have extra distractions from within your store environment and they can focus on shopping!

  • Removing the showcase button, seller name and feedback under listings within the Store makes the design look much cleaner - 

You could easily get your own domain (at $10 per annum) and forward it to your hobbyDB store (see www.kmjdiecast.com or www.toadhallmotorbooks.com).  We also offer the ability to disable ads in Stores.

We know expenses can add up, so wanted to make sure having a Store on hobbyDB is super affordable. To create and power your Store, it's simply $20 per month. 

Don't forget, if you're a first time seller and want the ability to list without using Tokens, you can also try out the All You Can Sell subscription. Find out more here.

If you're interested in learning more, reach out to us by clicking the green Contact hobbyDB button on the right hand side of this page.