We've set out to carve our own notch in the niche market of digital collectibles. Something that celebrates (and sometimes pokes fun at) everything that we know and love about collecting. We decided not to bother with the complexities of the blockchain (and to save a lot of energy that way). Instead, we focused solely on making our digital art collectible, exclusive, fun and, most importantly, affordable.

Digital Collectibles will live in your Showcase (make sure it's sorted by Newest).  You will be able to either hold on to them for life, or sell them in the future if you so chose. 

Once you are the owner of a specific Digital Collectible, no one will be able to add it to their collection. It is uniquely yours within your hobbyDB Collection and Showcase unless you decide to either sell it, gift it (we call this transferring), or trade it (a two-way transfer).

Not your thing, but still want to support hobbyDB? Or want to share the love with another Collector in your life? You can “gift” Digital Collectibles to other Members via our new Transferring feature. Learn how to gift or transfer here.

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