Did you complete a trade in-person? Want to give your friend a hobbyDB Digital Collectible as a gift? Whatever the reason you'd like to transfer one of your Collectibles to another member, the process is simple!

  1. Go to the Collection Management page (My Stuff > Collection Management).

  2. Use the filters on the right hand side of Collection Management to find the Collectibles you want to transfer. (Learn more about the Collection Management page here.)

  3. Click the sliders in the left hand column to select each Collectible you want to transfer.

  4. Scroll up to the top of the page and click the blue Batch Actions button, then click Transfer To Other Member.

  5. Type the recipient's Member Name in the search box and select it from the results, then click OK.

  6. You will see a green bar above the table, confirming the transfer's success.

  7. The recipient will receive both an email and an on-site notification telling them that the Collectible has been transferred to your collection.

  8.  The Collectible's privacy will be set to Private and it will be in the member's Transfers In list. The member can then choose to change the transferred Collectible's privacy to Public and/or move it to another list.