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There is no limit to how many photos and images a Subject can have. In fact, the more, the merrier!

Adding Photos

To add photos to a Subject, click Save and Add Photos when creating a new Subject, or go to an existing Subject page and click Manage > Photos.

The first image uploaded with be set as the Main Photo by default. The Main Photo shows on the Subject page, on Subject search results, and on Database Items that have the Subject attached. Any of the the Subject's images can be set as the Main Photo by going to the Manage Photos page, clicking the "gear" icon at the top right corner of the thumbnail, and clicking Set as Main Photo

The Main Photo should be a logical representation of the Subject and will depend on what type of Subject it is. For example, a brand Subject's Main Photo should be the brand's current, official logo. The Main Photo on a Subject for an actor, designer, author, or other individual person will ideally be a headshot portrait showing only that individual (no group photos). A Series Subject should generally have the series logo set as the Main Photo, or possibly a photo of several items in the series if it doesn't have an official logo. 

General Guidelines

  • A bad photo is better than no photo (and it can be replaced as Main Photo with a more suitable image later).

  • Similarly, more photos are better than fewer photos.

  • Relatively high resolution images with no watermarks are MUCH preferred (but again, a bad photo is still better than none)!

  • We generally do not delete images unless they are duplicates, wrong for the Subject, or violate somebody's copyrights. If you think a photo needs to be deleted, please flag it.

  • All images have a field for a caption that can be used to call out relevant details. Entering a caption is not required; only add text to that field that adds value, such as historical information, description of context, source of the photo, etc.

  • Logo images will ideally have a solid white or transparent background. We highly recommend using, a free website that does an excellent job at removing backgrounds from images. But if the logo is mostly white or very light, a dark gray or black background might be better.