This article describes how Estimated Values are calculated for Database Items.


Price Points are Weighted by Age

Price Points each fall into one of eight different time bands such as 7 Days, 30 Days, 90 days, etc. This helps with showing trends. Price Points in more recent bands have a higher weight in the Estimated Value calculations than older ones ones, i.e. a $50 Price Point from four days ago contributes more to the calculation than a $40 Price Point from forty days ago.

Sometimes when a Price Point moves from its current band to the next band (like in the above example when the Price Point is turns 8 days old) the band it moved out of will be empty and the Estimated Value will decrease a small amount. If the most recent Price Point is 6 days old today with an Estimated Value of $10.52 today (rounded up to $11), when the Price Point drops from the 7 days band to the 30 days band in two days, the EV would drop to $10.42 and be rounded down to $10 and show a 9% decline.

Sometimes we don't have all Price Points

We might be missing an eBay or hobbyDB Price Point from the Price Guide. This could be due to one of four reasons:

  1. The Price Point has not been yet added. eBay prices are manually added by the valiant members of our Volunteer Squad (we always welcome new members, learn more here!).

  2. The Price Point was rejected automatically. We maintain a list of sellers that Squad members decided we should not include (you can find the list here).

  3. The Price Point was rejected by a Squad member while adding Price Points. Price Points can be rejected for various reasons:
    • The item sold was not in mint or near-mint condition.
    • The item sold was missing packaging or had damaged packaging.
    • The sale was for a lot containing multiple items.
    • The item sold was not genuine.
    • We determined that the transaction did not really happen.
    • The seller accepted a "Best Offer" from the buyer on eBay (eBay doesn't show accepted offer prices).
    • The item was relisted on eBay (this often happens because the buyer never intended to pay for the item, or because the seller was trying to manipulate the value of the item).

  4. The Price Point had been added but was later flagged by a member and the flag reviewer (a Champion or above on our Volunteer Squad) decided that the Price Point should be removed for one of the reasons mentioned under Point 3 above.

We keep record of rejected Price Points so they can't be added to the Price Guide again, and we plan to display them on Database Items for reference in the future.

Note that there are certain sites, like Mercari and Whatnot, whose sales we can't track. More information on why that is can be found here.

Think a Price Point should be removed?

Flag it! But please note that we need to have a good reason for removing a price. Feeling that the Estimated Value should be higher or lower than currently shown is not a valid reason to flag a Price Point. Values of collectibles go up and down over time, and our purpose is to show those changes without bias. We do that by recording every legitimate sale no matter the price. Flagging is a privilege of membership and we might restrict your membership if it is abused.

Due to limited resources we cannot discuss individual prices outside the Squad. All flags are reviewed by experienced Squad members and resolved as soon as possible.

Want to help? Join the Squad!

Adding and reviewing Price Points is one of the major duties of our Volunteer Squad. There are lots and lots of discussions on the private Squad Facebook group about pricing and if you would like to join we'd love to have you! Find more info here.