hobbyDB members can earn special badges to proudly display on their Showcase. One of these is the hobbyDB Owner Badge which is given to members who have invested in the company:

Read on to see the full collection!


Member Badges

Number of Items Rated

We might say that we love all of our collectibles the same, but the truth is, deep down we all have our favorites. Thanks to our new features, you can now rate your favorite (and not-so-favorite) collectibles on hobbyDB with even greater accuracy. And earn badges for doing so! Learn how to rate items here.

Volunteer Squad Badges

Most of our Badges are only available to Volunteer Squad members — the collectors who keep hobbyDB up-to-date and help build the site. Let us know if you're interested in helping out! We'd love to have you on board!

Squad Roles

There are five different Squad roles that come with different abilities and privileges, each building upon the previous role — Contributor, Creator, Curator, Champion, and Coordinator:

Contributor, Creator, Curator, Champion, and Coordinator badges

Pin Masters, the subset of the Squad responsible for Hard Rock Cafe items, have slightly different roles — Pin Creator, Pin Master Apprentice, Pin Master Curator, and Pin Master Advisory Board:

Plus the Shot Glass Curator:

Achievement Badges

One of the ways we show appreciation for the work our Squad members do is by awarding achievement badges at various milestones.

Note that these badges don't stack, so if you had the 100 Price Points Added badge and then earned the 1,000 Price Points Added badge it will replace the 100 badge.

Just a heads-up — we have to manually assign all badges (i.e. they're not automatically assigned), so if you've earned one and don't see it on your Showcase, please let us know and we'll make sure you get it right away!

Price Points Added

Contributors can earn these badges by adding Price Points:

Database Items Added

Creators can earn these badges by adding items to the database. You can tell that our designer is from Rome (hence the Roman Legion theme...)

Photos Added

Contributors and Creators can earn badges for adding photos to database items:


Curators can earn these badges when they improve the database by Verifying Database Items and Verifying Subjects:

Flags Resolved

We love it when members flag something that they think could be incorrect in the database or guide! We have a trusty group of experts that triple-check and resolve all member-reported flags. This special Squad helps us ensure the database remains as accurate as possible.


Sometimes when we identify specific areas of the database that can use some improvement we'll set up Quests that Squad members can choose to pursue. Completing a Quest increases the member's Quest Level (sometimes by more than one level at a time if the Quest is especially involved). Here are examples of some of the Quest Level badges:

Data Bounties

We frequently receive requests from members to add new items to the database when they find something we're missing. Sometimes we'll post these requests as Data Bounties in the Volunteer Squad Facebook group, and each one that's completed earns the member a Bounty Level increase:

Brand Badges

Brands can give their super fans a nifty badge for being incredible supporters or completing certain quests on the site.

The Creatives Collective Digital Supporter

Rare Badges

While all Squad members can earn the badges above, there are also several rare badges that have special qualifiers or can only be obtained if you're in the right place at the right time...

Official Badges

These badges are reserved for accounts that have an official relationship with hobbyDB:

  • The Official Account badge is for collectible brands that have partnered with hobbyDB to add their data or verify that their data is correct.

  • The Team hobbyDB badge is for hobbyDB staff members (those are the folks who should be able to help you with technical problems).

  • The hobbyDB Advisory Council badge is for members of our Advisory Council, an international panel of product category experts from across the collecting spectrum who provide data and imagery from their own collections and help develop category taxonomy and ontology.

Beyond the Squad

These badges are given to members who help out in areas beyond the normal Squad member scope of adding data to the site.

  • The Guinea Pig badge goes to folks who help us a lot with testing.
  • The Bug Finder badge is for chaps who are just very good at finding our mistakes and helping us to correct them.

  • The Untouchables is an elite group that helps us investigate attempted price manipulations and identify fake Pops.

  • Guest Blog Authors are esteemed members who share their knowledge with the community by writing features for the hobbyDB or Pop Price Guide blogs (read more about this here).

  • hobbyDB is always growing and improving, and many of the ideas for new features and improvements come from our members. When we especially like those ideas we might reward the member with the Full of Good Ideas badge.

  • The moderators in our PPG Community & Marketplace group on Facebook get a special badge for their excellent work.

  • The Superhero Efforts badge can be awarded to members who go above and beyond to help make hobbyDB the best resource in the world for collectors!

Just for Fun

And lastly, we sometimes we'll just give out a fun custom badge. Those are often but not always self-explanatory:

Special Honors (Including Retired Badges)

Many other sites have joined us and sometimes key members of those sites are honored with a specific badge. Early Supporters (retired badge) were early and enthusiastic users of hobbyDB who helped get the site off the ground. Diecastlovers (also a retired badge) joined in February 2015, the Toy Collector App joined in June 2020 (some TCA Alumni are still trickling in so that badge is still occasionally granted to new members), and, most recently, The Toy Peddler officially became part of hobbyDB in September 2022.

From time to time we have events like the Price Squad Record Day or the Member of the Month. These specific badges are retired.

Showcase Contest Winners

We love to partner with brands to do exclusive giveaways for folks who go the extra mile during Showcase Competitions. Our winners received badges specially designed by Youtooz' Chief Designer Danny Zabbal.

There are many more still available, though! Why not start collecting now?