Our Badges Print

hobbyDB users might have Badges on their Showcase. One of these is the hobbyDB owner Badge which is given to members that also invested in the company (more here)  -

All other Badges are reserved for Squad member (please join!).

Squad Member Level

Here are the five different Squad levels  -

Here are the Pin Master Equivalents (some Advisory Board members are also the equivalent to a Coordinator) -

And the Shot Glass Curator  -

There are also the Official Account (a Collectible Brand that wants to ensure its data is correct, the Team Member account (those are the folks that should be able to help you with technical problems) and the Member of the Advisory Council  -

Database Items Added

You can tell that our Designer is from Rome (hence the Roman legion concept...)  -

Price Points Added

These get more exciting after 10,000 (and we are pleased to soon hand out the first 100,000 in the next few weeks!)  -


You can read all about them here.  This is our first Quest Badge with more to come -


Verifying both Database Items and Subjects improves the database  -

Various Honors

Many other sites have joined us and sometimes key members of those sites are going to be honored with a specific Badge.  Early Supporters were early and enthusiastic users of hobbyDB (so joined 2014/2015).  Diecastlovers joined in February 2015 and The Toy Collector App in June 2020 -

From time-to-time we have events like the Price Squad Record Day or the Member of the Month  -

We also give out the Guinea Pig Badge (for folks that help us a lot at testing), the Bug Finder Badge (chaps that are just very good at finding our mistakes and help us to correct those), The Untouchables which help us investigate attempted price manipulations and Guest Blog Authors (esteemed members that share their knowledge with the others) -

And lastly, we just give our a fun award badge and those are often but not always self-explanatory   -

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