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There are four ways to add a new Database Item — Cloning, adding a Variant, adding a Subvariant, and adding from scratch. Whichever method you use, it is important to thoroughly search for the item first to make sure we don't already have it in the database (we don't want duplicates). Check out our Searching Database Items article for some helpful search tips.

Before adding a new item please review the Database Item Conventions, check for any item type-specific guidelines, and determine if the new item should be a Variant or Subvariant of an existing Database Item.


Video Demo

Our very own Zack Fisher recorded a video to show how quick and easy it is to add an item to the database. Watch the video to get a general idea of the process, then please read on for all the details.

Adding model cars? Watch Zack add a Matchbox car to the database here.

Clone an Existing Entry

If you've verified that the item you are going to add doesn't already exist in the database, and isn't a Variant or Subvariant of an existing item, you can add it by cloning a similar item (like another item from the same series or brand). Find the item you want to clone, click New Item, then Clone.

This will open the Add Item form, which will be pre-filled with most of the information from the original Database Item. Carefully look at each field on the form and make changes to reflect accurate information about the new item. Once you've entered and reviewed the information, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

After clicking Save you will see the photo uploader. Add at least a Main Photo and a Show on Search Photo as defined in our article on photos.

Create a Variant of an Existing Entry

Many new items will already have a Variant in the database. A Variant is an item that is similar to another, generally using the same mold or cast, but different enough that collectors can easily see the difference (as opposed to Subvariants, which are similar enough that you have to look closely to see the difference).

The best way to add a new item that has a Variant in the database is to go to the existing Variant, click New Item, then click Add Variant. Just like when cloning an item, the Add Item form will be pre-filled with information from the original item. Again, carefully check each field and add or change information as necessary before clicking Save. 

Adding an item this way automatically creates a Variant relationship between the two Items. (Variants can also be connected after the fact if this method wasn't used to create the item.)

Create a Subvariant of an Existing Entry

The process for adding a new item as a Subvariant (please read our Subvariant Definition here) is essentially the same as the process for creating a Variant, described above. From the original Subvariant click New Item, then Add Subvariant. The main difference is that the Add Item form will also include a Subvariant Title field. Enter a brief description here about what makes this Subvariant different from the items other Subvariants. Read Creating Perfect Subvariants to learn more about the specifics of adding Subvariants. When adding photos, be sure to add a Detail Photo in addition to a Main Photo and Show on Search Photo.

From Scratch

Cloning or adding a Variant/Subvariant will almost always be best, but if your new item is unique enough that adding it as a Variant or Subvariant or cloning an existing item won't be helpful you can add it from scratch by opening the Curation menu, then clicking Add Database Item

You will find a large list of Database Item Types such as Coins or Drawings & Paintings. Click the type you are wanting to add (searching the page with Control + F on a PC or Command + F on a Mac can be helpful). 

You will be presented with the same add item form, but the fields will be blank. Fill out the form with as much information as possible.

If you have any questions about adding new items after reading this article you can post in the Volunteer Squad Facebook group or contact us with the green button on the right side of the page.