Foreign language subjects can create dilemmas with no right or wrong answer. Here are our guidelines. If in doubt ask!

In most case use the original name

Like for Database Items such as books or packaged products the preference is to use the original name.  So use Brauerei Beck versus Becks Brewery (with the latter going to Alternative Keywords).

That does not apply for Subjects that were consequently also released in the English Realm.  For example, we use Downfall versus the original German title "Der Untergang".  And if a Brand is using different names use its home market name and add the others to Alternative Keywords, so Lay's is the brand and Chipsy (Egypt), Sabritas (Mexico), Tapuchips (Israel) and Walker's (UK) to Alternative Keywords.

Use of Non-Standard characters

Replace a non-English keyboard character with the appropriate English keyboard character  -

Marklin               vs.             Märklin

Kobenhavn        vs.             København

In both cases add "Märklin" and "København" into Alternative Keywords (and for Kobenhavn also add the English name "Copenhagen").  Also, if a business is using the English term that we will use that one, for example, we have a Subject for the "Hard Rock Cafe Copenhagen".

An exception are non-Latin languages

Instead of トミカ please use "Tomica". This applies to Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and other languages that use different character sets.  If you have the ability add the original spelling to the Description and in Alternative Keywords.