If a seller lists something for sale in the hobbyDB Marketplace without connecting it to a Database Item, it is a "Generic Item" in the system. 

Currently, if the seller cancels the sale or if a member buys the item, it loses its title and will instead be named "Generic hobbyDB Item" (this will be fixed soon). It will show in its owner's Showcase like this:


Generic Items in Your Collection 

You can easily find out if you have Generic Items in your collection by setting the Generic Items filter to Yes on either your Collection Management page or your Items for Sale page: 

If you have any Generic Items in your collection you can assign them to matching Database Items. If your item isn't listed in the database yet, you can request that we add it, or join our Volunteer Squad to add it yourself!

Alternatively, you can simply edit the Generic Item and add additional details.

Assigning a Generic Item to a Database Item

  1. Go to Collection Management, scroll down to find the Generic Items filter on the right side of the page, set the filter to Yes, and click the blue Filter button at the bottom of the filter box. The page will refresh to show you all Generic Items in your collection.

  2. Click the blue Actions button next to the item you want to reassign, then click Assign.

  3. The Reassign page will show your Generic Item on the left with a search box on the right. Use the search to find your item in the database, click the Select button when the right item comes up, then click Save at the bottom of the page.

  4. After saving, you'll be taken back to Collection Management and should see a green banner confirming that your Generic Item was successfully assigned.

Editing Your Generic Item

You can edit your Generic Item either before or after assigning it to a Database Item. First find the item in your Showcase or in Collection Management:

  • From your Showcase: Click the item's photo, then click Manage > Edit.
  • From Collection Management: Click Actions > Edit.

You can change the title to something more descriptive (or clear out the Title field if you've assigned it to a Database Item and want to use the default item name), change the privacy of the item, and add any other details you'd like to record.

Note: The Showcase search has a bug where it won't find Generic Items even if the Title has been changed. A fix for this issue is in the works.

To learn more, see Editing an item in your collection, Collection Privacy: what's public and what's private?, and the rest of our Collection Management help pages.

Adding a new Generic Item to Your Collection

If you have items that aren't listed in the database on hobbyDB, we would love it if you would request that we add them, or even better, join our Volunteer Squad to add them yourself and help us build the largest collectibles database in the world!

However, if you would prefer to track one or more collectibles that aren't already in our database and you don't want them to appear in our public database at all, you can follow this link to directly add a new Generic Item to your collection. If you want to keep the collectible private, be sure to change the Privacy dropdown from Public to Private before saving.