On hobbyDB, we take your privacy seriously. For some, their collection is sacred, and they are using collection management purely for their own enjoyment. While for others, they'd like to shared the details of their collection with the world. We've created a system that allows both personas to manage their collections the way they want. 

What's Public & Private?

By default, items added to your collection, and listed as "Public" or "For Trade" are viewable on your Showcase. Others can navigate to your Showcase and see these items there. Default items in your collection will look like this  -


On your Showcase (the difference between your Collection and Showcase is explained here), these items will appear as follows -

Setting Items as Private

If you wish to set any of your items as private, and therefore, not viewable on your Showcase do this go to My Stuff > Collection Management and

  1. Find the item(s) you wish to make private and click "Actions" and then "Edit"

    You'll be taken to the edit page. At the bottom, you'll see a "Privacy" section. Select from the dropdown which privacy level you'd like to set the item to, then click "Save".

    2. Use the Batch Action to change up to 50 items (you can change the number in the bottom left from the Default of 30) -