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With the breadth and depth of hobbyDB's coverage, we inevitably wound up with lots of Subjects that have the same or similar names, but are related to entirely different things! 

For example, is this the Sizzlers Subject the series from Hot Wheels or the series of the same name by Johnny Lightning? Is this Avengers Subject the Movie or the Comic Series? This is where Identifiers come in—they show on the Subject page, the search results, and when you're adding an item and help you see at a glance whether you've got the right one or not!

You can add an Identifier when you're adding or editing a Subject like so: 

Identifiers should be brief and simple, like a brand name or a franchise. This isn't the place to add keywords, we have a separate field for that.

Here you can see how useful the Identifier is when selecting a Subject to add to a Database Item, for example, the Star Wars series of BrickHeadz...

...and when searching Subjects (using our Sizzlers example from earlier).