Each Subject should have a Type (the same way as Database Items have a type).  There are different types such as organizations or people. If you're looking for examples, click on the Subject Type below and you'll be taken to its page, which will show Verified Subjects within that Type.


These are the different types under this grouping  -


  • Species
  • Group of Species (such as Ducks and Geese)

Other Beings

  • Character
  • Deity


We generally use Brand unless it is one of these -

  • Airline
  • Auction House
  • Brewery
  • Casino
  • Circus
  • Club
  • Distributor
  • Film Production Studio
  • Fire Department
  • Hotel
  • Military Unit
  • Museum
  • Organization
  • Police Force
  • Public Transport (The New York City Transit Authority or Transport for London)
  • Publisher
  • Racing Team
  • Restaurant
  • Retailer
  • Shipping Company (not a 
  • Sports Team
  • Theme Park
  • Train Company (such as Amtrack or SNCF)
  • TV Station
  • University / College


We generally use Event unless it is one of these -

  • Battle
  • Holiday
  • Race

Event Series is grouping together all years of a race or all of the San Diego Comic-Con events over the years.

Locations / Political Entities

  • Planet
  • Country
  • State (in the US or German sense, i.e. a sub-unit of a country)
  • County / Province (used in France, the Netherlands, the UK and elsewhere)
  • City
  • Landmark
  • Building
  • Race Track
  • Venue


Fiction / Content

  • Advertising Campaign
  • Film
  • Music Genre
  • Novel
  • Play
  • Story
  • TV Show

There is also a Franchise where a number of different works (say a book, a comic series and a film) have been produced from an original creative work of fiction.


This one is a difficult one for us


We generally use Product unless it is one of these -

  • Comic Book Series
  • Game
  • List (products that have something in common but are not a Series)
  • Magazines & Periodicals (the title versus individual issues)
  • Narcotic
  • Skin (for video games)
  • Series (contains individual products that were intended to belong together)
  • Subscription Service (that entailed physical products)


  • Honor
  • Ship (like the Titanic)
  • Sport
  • Style
  • Tribe
  • Website

hobbyDB Related Subjects

  • Collectible Type (a category in our database, see for the current list here)
  • Locomotive Classification
  • Make & Model Family (this groups cars together, for example, all Ford Mustangs)