Each Subject should have a Subject Type (the same way as Database Items have a type). There are different types such as organizations or people. If you're looking for examples, click on the Subject Type below and you'll be taken to its page, which will show Verified Subjects within that Type.

The most important Subject Types are Brand and Series since they are one of the primary ways for Database Items to be identified and linked together. Please become familiar with how to decide if a Subject should be a Brand, Series, or Franchise before creating new Subjects.


Subject Type Groupings



Other Beings


We generally use Brand unless it is one of these:

Event Types

We generally use Event unless it is one of these:

Event Series is grouping together all years of an event, like a race series.

Locations / Political Entities


Fiction / Content

  • Film
  • Fictional Vehicle
  • Franchise (a number of different works—for example, a book, a comic series, and a film—that have all been produced from an original creative work of fiction. Learn more about what Subjects should be classified as a franchise from the Brand, Series, or Franchise? article)
  • Music Genre (currently under revision)
  • Novel
  • Play
  • Story (currently under revision)
  • TV Show

There is also a  type where a


We have opted not to have wider themes as pages like Automotive, Military or Ancient would have millions and millions of entries and would be useless.



hobbyDB Related Subjects

We are still working on the final version of Subjects and might add more Subject Types or consolidate types.