We know items can sometimes sell elsewhere, especially when you are a brick and mortar store within the hobbyDB Retail Network. We've made it easy for you to import your sold items (so that you don't sell them twice) and then also add those sold items as price points (helping expand the Price Guide!).

There are two steps to get this done. First off, please contact us to let us know that you'd like to take advantage of this feature. We will give you the necessary privilege that you will need to import your sold listings. 

Once you're all set up, simply build a csv with the following mandatory headers - 

  • HDBC
  • Price Sold
  • Date Sold
  • Sold Where
  • Quantity
  • Comment

Some additional notes - 

  • All columns with headers are required, but those columns can be empty 
  • The format for all dates should be (mm-dd-yyyy)
  • In case of empty value of quantity, 1 will be added

As soon as your CSV is ready, head on over to your Seller Dashboard and click the Mark Collectibles As Sold Elsewhere button.

Once imported, you should see all of the imported items in your Sold Items list and in the guide!