Do you have a ton of items that you would like to list for sale all at once? With our powerful listing tools, there are multiple ways to do so! Here are some ways that our Sellers like to bulk list items for sale from their collections.

For items worth under a certain amount - 

  1. Sort by Estimated Value Low to High
  2. For all items under $10 (or whatever number you decide) list for $4.99, for all items under $15 list for for $9.99 etc

For items that are worth over a certain amount, you can also list at a percentage of the estimated value - 

  1. Sort by Estimated Value High to Low
  2. Select the items that you would like to sell at a certain percentage of the current estimated value.

If you want to stay competitive with your pricing, you can check back in your Items for Sale once a week to see the delta change and adjust where necessary.

For folks who have more than 200 Items - Bulk Upload Items for Sale via Barcode

Have your items, their barcodes (such as UPC or ISBN), and sale prices in a CSV? We can bulk upload your list for sale for you. Just contact us to let us know!