Note: Variant Grouping is still a beta feature and is not yet available to all hobbyDB members. If you don’t see the option to group Variants and would like to test it, drop us a line with the green Contact hobbyDB button above!

hobbyDB's mission is to document 100 billion collectibles (eventually), so naturally, some database searches can return an unwieldy number of results. 

We have powerful filters that can narrow down these results to help you find what you're looking for, and now we have a new feature called Variant Grouping to make it even easier to find the item you're looking for when the search results include lots of Variants!

Variant Grouping Explained

A Variant Group is a group of items that typically all share a form, but feature different paint schemes and are released as different products by the manufacturer. Learn more about Variants from our What is a Variant article.

When searching for database items, you can enable Variant Grouping to collapse Variant Groups into a single search result. For example, if you search for LEGO Minifigures you'll get hundreds of results...

Ungrouped Minifig Variants

But if you turn on Variant Grouping, all of those items are combined into just a handful of search results, making it MUCH easier to find the specific item you're looking for. Each Variant Group is represented by a "Master Variant" (usually the first released item in the group):

Grouped  Variants

(Shows only the Master Variant)

How to Enable Variant Grouping

There's a new Grouping menu at the top of your Database Items search page on mobile or a Group Variants section at the top left of the search page on desktop. To turn on Variant Grouping on mobile, tap the menu, then tap Yes. On desktop, just click the Yes button under Group Variants.

To see all the items in a Variant Group, just click its name or photo to go to the Variant Group page, where you can drill down farther with filters to pinpoint the exact item you want to add to your collection or sell.