As our collections grow, it can often become hard to track all the specific details about each item. Enter the hobbyDB custom barcode. Now you can easily add a custom barcode sticker to each of your items in your collection. Then, all you have to do is scan the barcode, and you'll immediately see the item in your collection on hobbyDB with all the specific details that you've added in the past. 

For Sellers, this new feature makes it super easy for buyers to look up your items for sale with one scan. And for buyers, it's great because it allows them to scan items in a store, build their shopping cart and then complete the purchase within the App, creating a seamless checkout experience.

To print out these custom barcodes, simply purchase this barcode printer here (it supports the 40 mm by 30 mm label, and we support more sizes/printers over time). 

For Sellers looking to print a barcode for an item for sale, go to the specific Item for Sale in your Seller Dashboard here and click the Print a Label button.

For Collectors looking to print out a barcode for an item in their collection, go to the item in your Collection Management Dashboard and click the Print Label button.