We know that many of our Sellers like to offer the opportunity for their customers to collect items in person, or at a local convention. As part of this process, we now have the ability for you to collect Sales Tax when the customer purchases the item on the marketplace. 

You can set your Sales Tax Rate from within your Settings here - https://www.hobbydb.com/marketplaces/hobbydb/user/edit

Click on the Selling Tab 

and then check the tick box that says "I charge Sales Tax from my State" and that will open up the ability to add which state you are located in and the custom Sales Tax percentage.

Enter in your information and click save. 

Once done, if a customer selects pick up in person, the sales tax charge will automatically be added as a separate line item to their checkout. In the future, we will have a total sales tax collected amount in your Seller Dashboard. In the meantime, you will be able to see how much sales tax was collected for each order within each of your carts.