This article describes future plans which are still in development and could change at any time.
Your feedback is always welcome!

As grading Funko POP figures has become more common, it's become clear that receiving an official grade can significantly increase a POP's value. Because of this, we're taking a different approach to recording sales and calculating Estimated Values for graded POPs. 

Our eventual plan is to show Estimated Values for graded POPs as a separate section of the Price Guide on Database Item pages. That will require a significant amount of development work, and until that can happen we are gathering Price Points for graded POPs in a temporary holding area, a Database Item called Funko POPs Graded 8–10.

The plan as it stands right now is to track values for POPs graded 8.0 or higher separately from ungraded sales of the same item. We're still gathering data, but we think that the value of POPs that are in good condition but graded lower should generally be in line with the near-mint, ungraded, POPs that we currently add to the Price Guide, so for now those can be included in the Price Guide.

Again, we're still gathering data and we haven't yet made a final decision on where those lines are drawn. We welcome calm, constructive feedback from the community as we fine-tune our plans and processes for graded Price Points. You can use the green "Contact" button at the top of this page if you would like to give us your input. We might not be able to respond individually to every message about grading, but we will consider each one!

The Funko POPs Graded 8–10 Database Item shows the 8-10 graded Price Points we're gathering so members can see what has been entered and flag any that might need further review, but please note that none of these Price Points are being used in real POPs' Estimated Value calculations at the moment. 

Once we have the system in place to calculate graded Estimated Values separately from ungraded, we will move each of these Price Points to the appropriate Database Items so we can start calculating graded Estimated Values right away. Again, these graded Estimated Values will be shown on the current Database Item page for the POP, but they will be separate numbers from the standard, ungraded Estimated Value. We do not plan to create new Variant or Subvariant database entries for graded POPs. 

Here's a rough mockup of what we have in mind:

We don't currently have a solid timeline on when the revamped Price Guide will be released. Our small team is currently focused on improving the speed and reliability of hobbyDB/PPG as a whole, and once we're satisfied in that area we'll work to get the Price Guide set up to properly handle graded Price Points.

This page was last updated on 16 March 2023 at 12:05 PM MDT. Check back for future updates as our plans for graded Estimate Values develop!