Items in your collection—"Collectibles"—are linked to a Database Item (with the exception of Generic Items). If needed, you can change which Database Item your Collectible is linked, or assigned, to.

How to Reassign a Collectible

  1. Go to Collection Management (My StuffCollection Management) and find the Collectible you want to reassign.

  2. Click the blue Actions button next to the Collectible, then click Reassign.

  3. The Reassign page will show your Collectible on the left with a search box on the right. Use the search to find the Database Item you want to reassign your Collectible to, click the Select button when the correct item comes up, then click Save at the bottom of the page.

  4. After saving, you'll be taken back to Collection Management and should see a green banner confirming that your Collectible was successfully reassigned.

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