The new TTP Checkout currently uses the secure PayPal Checkout where customers can use PayPal or pay with any major Credit/Debit card. In order for customers to see your for sale listings and use this checkout, you will need to connect your PayPal account from within the Seller Dashboard (this will enable PayPal to pay you directly).  We plan to also allow other payment mechanisms, for example, Square or European payment systems like Bank Transfers in Germany and The Netherlands.  We charge a Fee when the PayPal Checkout is used.

If you want to do a transaction in person or want to accept other payment methods such as money orders, we will not stand in your way. You will have to conduct these transactions via private message and not go through the PayPal checkout. If you agree on a transaction, please remove the items for sale or even better, transfer them to the Buyer's Account. There is no penalty for doing this (just keep in mind if everybody would do it we will have to close).