There are just a few things that need to happen before you're ready to start selling on the new TTP - 

  1. Review your current inventory on TTP and make sure that it's completely up to date. Please delete the items that you no longer have, or no longer wish to sell.

  2. Sign in to your new TTP here. If you haven't reset your password, you can request a reset password email here.

  3. Connect your PayPal account to your new TTP account from within your Seller Dashboard. Learn how to connect your PayPal account here. This allows the new Checkout to send payments directly to you.

  4. Set up your Shipping Costs. Learn how to set your shipping costs here.

  5. Set up your Showcase - Add an avatar, a cover image, and a description so that the community can get to know you! Find out more about Showcases here.

Once your listings are transferred - 

  1. Double check that all of the listings that we transferred are indeed still available for sale

  2. Add the item condition and packaging condition degree to each of your listings

  3. Mark lots as lots

  4. Change Shipping Groups if you would like. Find out how to do so here.

  5. If you want your items to show up in the database as well as in the marketplace, assign them to the corresponding database item. Find out how to assign your listings here.