1. How do I activate my new TTP account?

If you haven't already, please reset your password to log in to your NEW TTP account (which generally has the same Member Name but a different password than your old TTP account). This was the most secure way to create your account instead of attempting to transfer old passwords. If you have not received an email for that you can ask for a new one following the instructions here. You can also let us know and we’ll send you another.

Once in, please go ahead and connect your PayPal account within your Seller Dashboard. This will ensure that you get paid directly whenever you make a sale.

2. For when you cannot see your Items for Sale in the Marketplace

If you have not connected your PayPal account your items for sale will have been paused.  After you connect the PayPal account you can just go to the Items for Sale page and click on the Unpause All button on the top right.

3. What happens to my outstanding listing credits if I had them? 

Ever since the beginning TTP has always been a small, loyal community that was stable, but was operated as more of a hobby by Paul and then was kept alive by the amazing Anita. We've always put you first by offering free credits when getting started and by providing many different discounts on listing credits, oftentimes just giving them away for free. These credits also never had an expiration date.

We want to continue to honor our commitment to you and keep listing fees extremely affordable. In the past, TTP sellers would pay around 7.4% per transaction (and the new TTP will only be 5%!). In order to make it fair for everyone (it would be impossible to calculate the real value of everyone's credits as we've offered so many different discount offers in the past), we're going to offer the following - 

  • For everyone - One Month No Transaction Fees
  • For those who have up to $100 in credits - Two Months No Transaction Fees
  • For those who have more than $100 credits - Four Months No Transaction Fees

So list as much as you can and see those sales come in! Interested in doubling your free period? Find out how to here.

From the beginning, Paul's T&Cs for The Toy Peddler have always reserved the right to change the way TTP charges for listing credits. TTP is under no obligation to refund any purchased listing credits, and the free period is our best way to make sure this is fair for everyone.

4. Why is this better for me?

One of the best things about using the hobbyDB system is that you can (but don’t have to) tie your TTP listings to different items in the vast hobbyDB database. This will give your sales listing more exposure to worldwide collectors who use the catalog for researching and managing their collection. As mentioned above, this isn’t a new TTP requirement though, so if you want to list your items on TTP the same way you have been, you can! Your items will still show up in the marketplace like normal. Learn how to list items the TTP way here.

5. Other benefits

  • New wishlist functionality that proactively sends your listings to interested buyers via email and onsite notifications – helping you make even more sales
  • A Facebook integration that allows you to easily post sales ads in as many groups as you’d like. You can learn about the Facebook integration here.
  • A barcode scanner app to easily add inventory to your collection. You can download the App here.