Do you want to get more exposure for your listings? 

Assign all of your generic listings to their corresponding Database Items and your listings will show up in the database on TTP and hobbyDB as well as in the marketplace, plus your listings will inherit keywords from the Database Item, helping buyers more easily find them through the TTP search, and even Google searches! 

This is also powerful because once you assign a listing to a Database Item, any member who has that item on their wish list will instantly get an email notifying them that you just listed it for sale. 

Learn how to assign a generic listing to a Database Item in the video below. You can also find written instructions on the What are Generic Items? help page.

NOTE: We recommend watching the video in full screen and setting the quality to HD 720p or 1080p to make it easier to see the text and buttons shown in the video.

To enable full screen, click the four corner/square button in the bottom right corner of the video player above:

To set video quality:

  1. Click the "gear" icon on the video player
  2. Click Quality
  3. Click either 1080p60 (best quality) or 720p60 (for slower Internet connections)