Congratulations on selling your collection! We're here to help ensure it arrives safely and in the same condition as described so that you get the full purchase price for the collection. To make this happen, it's super important to pack up your collection with love and care! Please follow these instructions - 

  1. Purchase your packaging materials. You will need boxes, bubble wrap, and packaging tape.

    PRO Tip - the bubble wrap bubbles must be at least 1/2 inch in size to ensure it protects your items. To be extra safe, you can always ship the items in a Pop! Protector as well.

  2. Set the box up for success. Line the inside of the box with a sheet of bubble wrap. Make sure the bottom of the box has a double layer of bubble wrap.

  3. Go ahead and start to layer your items in the box making sure there is a protective bubble wrap layer between each row and stack. Use the bubble wrap to fill any open space (the more things can move around, the more likely they will get damaged). PRO Tip - put your most expensive Pop!s in the middle layer to ensure they aren't as susceptible to box damage and make sure the top layer of Pop!s are placed on their backs.

  4. Cover the top layer with another double sheet of bubble wrap.

  5. Securely close up the box with the packaging tape.

    Pro Tip - do not ship larger items such as 10" POPs, 6" POPs, Rides, Moments or 2-Packs with smaller/standard size Pop!s. This will cause damage to the smaller items. They deserve their own dedicated box.

Thanks so much for following these directions! Your collectibles and your wallet will thank you!