Whether you use Shopify, Woocommerce, BIgCommerce or a different store software solution, we now have the ability for you to add links to your items for sale onto corresponding items in our database. Our Direct Link program gives you exposure to a community of 640,000 collectors, all looking to grow their collections. Our collectors have collections worth $6 billion (plus 10 million Wish List items which would cost $3 billion to buy with more stats here).

To find out more about our Direct Link Program click here.


Are you a part of an affiliate program? 

Let us know which one by inviting our hobbyDB account as a publisher for your account. We have a minimum 10% partner fee to participate in this program. Below is a list of programs that we can work with (and we are happy to add more if you use a different one).

Shopping Software based ones -

     BigCommerce Affiliate Program

    Prestashop Affiliate Program



    Affiliate For WooCommerce

Others  -

Contact us if you have more questions.

Don't have an affiliate scheme? 

We can charge a monthly subscription, just contact us for a rate!