This article helps our Volunteer Squad keep the database clean and consistent! It pertains to members who have Contributor access and above. If you're interested in getting involved, read more about joining the Squad here. We'd love to have you aboard!

The hobbyDB Volunteer Squad is a fantastic group of passionate collectors and is growing larger every day. Our members come from all different walks of life and collect a wide variety of different items.

To create a welcoming environment for everyone and keep things running smoothly, we all agreed that we should follow certain standards. Violating any of these rules can result in removal from the Squad.


  1. Be kind, courteous, and calm in your communication with other members.
  2. Strive for accuracy, honesty, and neutrality.
  3. Do not publicly "out" people you suspect of bad behavior.
  4. Most importantly, stay positive!
  5. Senior Squad Member Reminders

1. Be kind, courteous, and calm in your communication with other members.

We are a community of passionate collectors spanning everything from coins, to action figures, to model cars, and more. As collectors we all have strong opinions, and disagreements are inevitable. However, we all need to be kind, courteous, and calm in all discussions.

Name calling, mocking, and angry tones never contribute to productive discussions. Keep a level head, take a deep breath, and don't escalate arguments. We want the Squad to be a fun and welcoming team!

If you ever have a concern with a specific member, please contact the Squad Coordinator at for investigation and resolution. Direct confrontations between members do not tend to go well.

"If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all!"

2. Strive for accuracy, honesty, and neutrality.

A crucial part of hobbyDB's mission is to be an accurate and reliable source of information on every collectible ever made. We do not tolerate the addition of any intentionally false, misleading, or biased information. This includes Price Points, Database Items, and other data. See Price Point Quality Standards and Neutral Point of View for more details.

Attempting to manipulate Database Item Estimated Values will always result in removal from the Squad.

3. Do not publicly "out" people you suspect of bad behavior or imperfect data.

Do not discuss members who appear to be adding bad data or otherwise making errors in any public forum, including the Squad Facebook group. We've found that more often than not, the member isn't acting maliciously and just needs some training. Public accusations can lead to unnecessary embarrassment and they don't benefit anyone.

If you have concerns about a member, please contact an admin or email If we do determine that someone was acting with bad intent, we will remove them from the Squad and FB group and may publish their name for transparency.

4. Most importantly, stay positive!

We want the hobbyDB community to be a positive and welcoming corner of the Internet where everyone can enjoy the collecting hobby together!

Nothing kills the mood like negative energy and pessimism! It's normal to get frustrated at times, but please try not to let that frustration permeate your attitude. Do your best to keep your posts and conversations positive! ️

Here are some good ways to do that:

  • Give your fellow Squad members the benefit of the doubt! In other words, assume they have good intentions even if it seems like they aren't following the established rules and guidelines. It's highly likely that any discrepancies are due to honest mistakes or misunderstandings rather than intentional misconduct.

  • Constructive feedback is crucial! When reaching out to help a Squad member improve, always start by thanking them for their contributions and acknowledge something positive they have done. Be kind, patient, and provide gentle pointers on how they can improve their work. Text communication can easily be misinterpreted, so make an extra effort to maintain a friendly and encouraging tone. Remember, we were all beginners once, and learning a complex system like hobbyDB can be challenging!

  • Embrace compromise and be flexible! Reaching unanimous agreement isn't always possible, and sometimes policy decisions have to be made without complete consensus. Your input is valuable, so feel free to express concerns and suggest changes! However, once a final decision is made, it's important to move forward without dwelling on it, even if you strongly disagree. Instead of repeatedly restating disagreements or pushing for reversals, let's focus on positive progress and building a harmonious community.

5. Senior Squad Member Reminders

As you continue to move up the line to hopefully a Coordinator Role one day, there are important reminders to keep in mind as you're coaching your fellow teammates - 

  • Ask do not command. We're all here to have fun and are volunteering our time to the cause. Please remember to always ask your fellow teammates for help or feedback instead of commanding a certain response or task.

  • Thank first always. Positive reinforcement and feedback will only help the community grow stronger.

  • Help Others. As we all know with certain powers comes certain responsibilities and the number one responsibility of a Senior Squad Member is to help others. You've got the experience and know how, help your fellow colleagues become the best Squad Members they can be.