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eBay sellers sometimes allow customers to make an offer on items they sell. When an offer has been submitted the seller can either accept it or decline it. If the seller accepts the "Best Offer," the listing ends and the buyer pays the seller like any other purchase on eBay.


We have previously not been able to use eBay sales as Price Points when a Best Offer was accepted because eBay doesn't show the actual selling price, just the original asking price, and in many cases the accepted offer is far less than the original asking price. Here's a great example — this track set was listed for $5,000, but the seller accepted an offer. So how much did the buyer pay? $4,500? $45? eBay doesn't say.


Despite eBay obscuring the actual price paid, there are a few ways to find the accepted offer amount and use these Best Offer Accepted sales as Price Points in the hobbyDB Price Guide! Please follow these instructions carefully!

Note that since this method is a bit more involved than the process for adding auction and Buy it Now Price Points, most of the time it isn't worth the trouble to add Best Offer Price Points unless there are very few other confirmed sales that can be used in the Price Guide.

Finding Accepted Best Offer Prices

There are three ways to find the item's Best Offer Accepted :

  • 130point (works with mobile devices and any web browser, but only shows items sold in the United States)
  • Terapeak (requires an eBay seller account with the Seller Hub activated)
  • Alt Extension (requires a desktop or laptop computer with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge)

130point provides another way to see accepted Best Offer prices. Be aware though that 130point will only find listings from the United States. To add Best Offer sales from outside the USA you'll probably have better luck with the Alt extension.

  1. Search eBay for an item and filter by Sold Items (see Adding eBay Price Points for more info).

  2. Check the listing as usual (read the item description and inspect each photo) to make sure the item meets Price Point Quality Standards.

  3. Copy the full listing title.

  4. Visit, paste the listing title into the search box, and click the orange Submit button.

  5. The eBay listing you're looking for might not be the first one shown in the results, so look through the list to find the right one.

  6. Resize your web browser window as narrow as it can go and take a screenshot of the listing (we want the screenshot to be as compact as possible to make it easier to read in the Price Guide).
  7. Add the Best Offer listing to the database item by following the instructions under the Adding a Best Offer to the Price Guide section below.

Terapeak (eBay Seller Hub)

Instructions to come!

Alt Extension

  1. Install the Alt: Price Guide for Slabsbrowser extension in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
    • Note: The Alt extension is no longer listed in the Chrome Web Store, but the download provided at the page linked above has been confirmed to work for most Squad members. If you don't feel comfortable installing from a third party site or if the extension doesn't work for you, use one of the two other methods described in this article to find Best Offer prices.

  2. Search eBay for an item and filter by Sold Items.

  3. Set the search view to Gallery View. This is important so the screenshot you'll take in step 6 will be nice and compact:

  4. If the Alt extension is installed and working properly you will see the actual selling price listed in gold on any Best Offer Accepted items in the search results:

  5. Check the listing as usual to make sure the item meets the criteria for use as a Price Point.

  6. Take a screenshot of the item in the search results showing the Actual Price reported by the Alt extension (see step 4 above for an example).

  7. Add the Best Offer listing to the database item by following the instructions under the Adding a Best Offer to the Price Guide section below.

Adding a Best Offer to the Price Guide

  1. Go to the Database Item's page on hobbyDB, click Price Points, then Add eBay Best Offer.

  2. Fill out the form as follows:

    • Title: Copy and paste the listing title from eBay.

    • Price (US$):Enter the actual selling price in US Dollars (both ALT and 130Point should report the offer price in US$ even if the item was originally listed in another currency). 
      • If the price reported is not US$, use to convert the actual selling price to USD based on the exchange rate from the date the item sold (it's important to use the selling date and not today's date since exchange rates frequently change).

    • Condition: Set the item's condition with the slider (the item itself, not including the packaging).

    • Packaging: Set the item's packaging condition with the slider.
      • Note: Both condition sliders must be in the "Mint" range for the Price Point to be used in the Estimated Value calculation.

    • Sale Date: Enter the date the item sold (not today's date).

    • Image: Upload the screenshot you took in step 6.

    • eBay Item ID: Copy and paste the listing ID from eBay.

  3. Click the blue Save button at the bottom of the page. Within 12-24 hours the Price Point should show on the Database Item and be calculated into the Estimated Value.