This article helps hobbyDB Marketplace sellers manage shipping cost requests from buyers. If you need help requesting shipping costs for an order you are trying to place, please contact us.

Once you've Set Up a Shipping Group that includes the option for customers to request exact Shipping Costs, you'll be ready to start receiving these requests!

When a buyer requests Shipping Costs for their order, you will see the request in your Seller Dashboard under Requests for Shipping Costs.

From there, you can click the blue Actions menu button to access any of the following tasks:

  • View Shipping Cost Request - See all the items in the order so you can decide your shipping costs.
  • Add Shipping Costs - Add your decided Shipping Costs to the order so that the buyer can check out.
  • Contact Buyer - Have a question for the buyer? Contact them with this link.
  • Decline Sale - If you don't want to ship to a certain area or would like to decline the request for another reason, click to cancel the sale.

When you're ready to add your Shipping Costs click Add Shipping Costs, enter the final Shipping Cost for the order, then click Set Cost.


The buyer will receive a notification on the site as well as an email once you have set the Shipping Costs for their order. They can then head over to their cart to see the updated total for the order and complete their checkout.