Have you inherited a collection that you’d wish to conveniently sell? Are you leaving the hobby and looking to unload your collection all in one go?

We're introducing a program that will allow our members to offer their entire collections for sale to our Trusted Sellers for a maximum return and the peace-of-mind knowing that you got a fair price.



Here's what you have to do

  1. First, add your collection to hobbyDB (find out how here). Don't forget that for newer items in their packaging you can easily add items to your collection by using the barcode scanner via the hobbyDB App.

  2. Then let us know that your collection has been added and you're ready to sell. Make sure to send us your Member Name.

  3. If you would like to separate your collection into multiple lots (as long as it's logical) just let us know. For example, you can separate the Car Brochures, Brooklin Models, and Fire Engines into three different lots available for offer.

What we will then do 

  1. We'll share your collection on hobbyDB with our Trusted Sellers.

  2. Interested Sellers will make a bid on your collection.

  3. We'll relay the offers back to you.

Sit back and decide...

  • Look at all the offers you received and decide which bid you'd like to accept!

And we wrap this up for you! 

  • The buyer pays hobbyDB and we keep the money in escrow on your behalf.

  • You ship the collection to the selected buyer.

  • The Buyer confirms that they have received the collection and that it's in the condition as was stated.

  • We pay you!


Since we can use the power of the database to transfer your collection information (specifically listing photos and conditions), it will make it much easier for the new owner to list these items for sale in the future if they choose to do so. This enables our Trusted Sellers to offer better pricing than usual when buying our members' collections. 

We charge 7% for this service plus a one-time setup fee of $50.