Do you like to wait and customize your shipping until you receive an actual order? This option allows customers to create an order and then send a request for shipping costs once they are ready to purchase.

If you haven't sold with us before, follow these simple steps:

1. Navigate to your Seller Dashboard and click on Shipping Groups

2. Click on Add New Shipping Group

3. Name your Shipping Group

4. Add your Shipping Zones

5. Click the "Buyer to Request" slider on the righthand side of the zone.

If you have sold with us before, but would like to offer Request Shipping and/or change to Request Shipping only, then you will need to edit your existing Shipping Groups and Click Apply for each Group. This will help ensure your current listings are updated. For new listings, follow the steps above and create a new Shipping Group for "Request Shipping Costs" and you'll be able to assign this Group to your new listings moving forward.

To edit your Shipping Groups click on the little pencil icon next to the Group title and to delete, click on the little red trashcan icon

Once you edit a Shipping Group, you can apply the changes to every item that is already within that group.