We are proud to say that we have more ways of setting your shipping costs than any other marketplace! Check out your different options in the article below.

Option #1 - Set a shipping cost on each individual item when listing it for sale

Just selling a few items? Or want to customize the shipping cost for each listing ahead of time? You can easily set individual shipping costs on the listing form when listing your item for sale.
You can read more about listing items and setting individual shipping costs in the following articles - 

Option #2 - Invite customers to request shipping costs so you don't have to set them ahead of time

Do you like to be accurate or have very different inventory in terms of weight and size? This option allows customers to create an order and then send a request for shipping costs once they are ready to purchase.

Open #3 - Set up Fixed Cost Shipping Groups ahead of time based on the type/size of item

Selling a bunch of items that are similar in size/weight? You can easily create and save shipping groups and then apply them to your listings with just one click (instead of having to manually re-enter the same information each time).

Option #4 - Mix and Match! You can mix "request shipping and pre-set shipping costs in your groups as well!

If you have shipping costs down for your own country, but want to offer shipping cost requests for other countries, you can certainly mix and match in your shipping group settings!

Option #5 - Local Collection

If you'd like to offer the opportunity for in-person pickup, either permanently or leading up to an event. It will apply to all of your listings, but you can add Local Collection and remove it as and when needed.