In the last ten years, the internet has quickly become the go-to source for researching and valuing collections. But what happens when a site disappears from the web? All the information is lost, and we have to start over.

We also did not like the fact that Wikipedia does not allow documenting collectibles, calling them not notable… any collector would agree with us that what we collect is notable!

Thus, we felt that it was time for a website that allows collectors to find out about any collectible and that presents the data each collector expects to find information presented (Comics, Coins and Corkscrews all have their own attributes and terminology).

100 Billion Collectibles, Eventually

The hobbyDB team has made it its mission to preserve this information, as it often cannot be recreated anymore (read more about that here - When Collectible Websites die – does the Data die too?. Therefore we are actively working with current and past site authors to help provide a solution to ensure this information is never lost.

All the Data in one place, but with Context

It’s our goal to document every collectible ever made. Our database architecture allows us to add any sort of collectible whether it be a classic, or something more modern.

But we think context is important, which is why we’ve built the ability to allow you to see only what you like (say Hot Wheels Redlines, Ford Mustang, everything James Bond and Kenner Star Wars figures up to 1997).

Partner with us

We are here to help this information live forever and provide a custom community for collectors who love what you are documenting every day. Meet the folks who are currently moving their databases over to hobbyDB.

Many of the authors of these books, creators of these databases, or museum curators have joined our Squad and/or are part of our Advisory Council.  One of our earliest members had donated his data to us via his will before he passed (you can find more on that on his memorial page here.

You can see the current List of Databases we are in the process of adding to hobbyDB here.

We have the deepest respect for everybody that documents collectibles in any form and love to get to know you, regardless of your short- or medium-term intentions. Please reach out by clicking the green contact hobbyDB button if you would like a personal tour of the hobbyDB project or have any questions at all.