This page shows the status of current data migrations to hobbyDB.


We reached an agreement with this Denver-based automobilia charity to build a digital archive of their 300,000 books, magazines, manuals, etc on hobbyDB.


Nick has began adding around 12,000 Cereal Premiums.


Paul has just started adding his vast collection of Märklin items to hobbyDB.

Read the announcement, here!

njkanakas' Monopoly Collection

Judi has just started to add items from her database of Monopoly games and other related items.

Royal Doulton

The Seaway China Company has given us access to 2,000 items in their database and we have started to add these, starting with the fun 20th Century Advertising Classics series.

Shelby American Collection

We are still in the planning process of how to best add the Museum's 40,000 objects to hobbyDB and we're looking for volunteer help (reach out to us if you are in Colorado and interested).

Read the official announcement of the partnership on our blog, here, and more about the collection here!

Starbucks City Mugs 

We have just started porting approx. 4,000 different Starbucks Mug from this blog into hobbydb.

Tantalus Coins

70,000 Ancient, Islamic and Medieval coins.

The Toy Collector App

We are now mostly done with adding various toy ranges from the Toy Collector App. Please contact us if you miss a particular range.

Valiant Comics

We have imported the comics but not the pricing data yet.

Vinyl Creep

10,000 Designer Toys to come.

There is at least one Car Museum and a Coin Database that have agreed to join their data with details now being discussed.

Completed Migrations

These databases have been completely imported to hobbyDB:

If you'd like to help with any of these projects, please reach out to us!
Learn more about how our Volunteer Squad works here.