We currently only calculate and show Estimated Values for Database Items in complete, mint/near-mint condition (including original mint/near-mint packaging if applicable). We have future plans to also show Estimated Values for items that are less than mint/near-mint, for example, a loose action figure, a comic book that is Good+, or an ancient coin that is in poor condition.

In preparation for this, we can already add some non-mint Price Points from auction houses and other sources (but not eBay, for now). These non-mint Price Points are not used in our current Estimated Value calculation, but they serve as a useful reference until we do start calculating non-mint Estimated Values.

Blackstar and Trobbit figures in front of opened blister card.
Non-mint Blackstar and Trobbit figures

Non-mint Price Points show in the Price Point section on the Database Item page, but to differentiate them from mint/near-mint Price Points they have an orange info icon which, when tapped or with the cursor hovering over it, explains that these are currently not used to calculate the Estimated Value. Here is an example of what that looks like right now:

Screenshot of hobbyDB Price Guide showing a $1,211 price point for a mint item and a $560 Price Point for a non-mint item. There is a tooltip that says "The condition of this item is not good enough to be included in the calculation for the Estimated Value."
Hot Wheels RRRumblers Gift Set Estimated Value and Price Points