Production Status is a standard field for all Database Item Types with a few options only available on specific Item Types.

Read on for an explanation of each Production Status!


For All Database Item Types

  • Standard- This is the default Production Status for normal production items. Select Standard if none of the other Production Statuses apply.
    • Note for Squad members: Standard should only be used on its own—don't combine it with any other Production Status.

  • Artist Proof - Items designated as an Artist Proof by the manufacturer

  • Autographed - Signed by a celebrity or another individual connected to the item. Learn more on our Autographed Items help page.

  • Canceled - An item that was planned for production and publicly announced by the brand (for example, in a catalog, online, at a convention, etc.), but was canceled before being officially distributed to consumers.

  • Chase - A limited-production item, usually randomly distributed among a standard version of the same item. See also "Super Chase" below under Model Vehicles Only.

  • Counterfeit- An unauthorized reproduction item made with the intent to deceive or defraud the buyer by presenting it as the original, genuine item. Also known as Fakes or Imitations. 
  • Custom - An item that has been significantly altered or scratch-built (not just slightly altered, say where only the bumpers of a model car are painted). See All Customs (regardless of type) for more information.

  • Deluxe - An item produced with more features or to a higher quality than the standard items produced by its Brand.
    • Note: Not all categories of collectibles use this terminology. For example, model cars should always use "Premium Range" instead of "Deluxe."

  • Error - An item that differs from the standard production version due to a mistake made at the factory, for example, if it has pieces missing in a sealed package, incorrect parts, wrong decoration, etc.

  • Exclusive - Originally available for purchase only from a specific club, retailer, or other organization.

  • Limited Edition - Intentionally limited production as advertised by the Brand. There is no requirement of specific production numbers for an item to qualify for this Production Status—if the Brand says the item is Limited Edition we always mark it as such.

  • Premium Range- An item produced with more features or to a higher quality than the standard items produced by its Brand.
    • Note: Not all categories of collectibles use this terminology, but model cars in particular should always use "Premium Range" instead of "Deluxe."

  • Promotional - An item that was given away for free at an event or with a purchase of another item.

  • Prototype - A pre-production version of an item. Often handmade or unfinished.

  • Regional - An item only that was available in a specific region, for example, a city or country.

  • Reproduction - A replica of an out-of-production item that is marked or advertised as a reproduction. Does not include fake, imitation, or counterfeit items (see "Counterfeit" above).

  • Set Exclusive - An item only available as part of a larger set, for example, a model car only sold in a multipack with other cars. This does not include store exclusives (see "Exclusive" above) or items sold individually as part of an exclusive series.

  • 3D Printed - This indicates that the database item is a digital 3D model that can be 3D printed. Learn more about the criteria and guidelines for adding these items on the 3D Printed Items help page.

For Specific Item Types Only


Note that besides our standard Counterfeit coins have four more Counterfeit statuses.  Counterfeit is used here for contemporary items.

  • Mule - A coin that is struck with an obverse and a reverse that don’t match, and for several potential reasons Numismatists can tell that this was done in error. One type as an example: obverse from the 2nd Century and reverse from the 1st century

  • Brockage - A coin with one side showing an incuse version of the other side. It is an error but is a type that is collected separately

  • Counterfeit | Ancient - Counterfeit coins produced anciently.

  • Counterfeit | Fourrée - A coin, most often a counterfeit, that is made from a base metal core that has been plated with a precious metal to look like its solid metal counterpart.

  • Counterfeit | Limes - Ancient but counterfeit cast or struck in a copper (bronze) alloy copies of what should be silver denarii.

  • Counterfeit | Paduans - Renaissance creations of ancient coins. This is where we are crossing the line from truly ancient to relatively modern coinage.

Model Vehicles

  • Dealer Promo - Model cars that were given away by automobile dealerships to promote the full-size models in their showrooms.

  • Super Chase - an extremely limited version of an item. See Chase above.

Pins & Badges, Keychains, and Magnets

  • Renegade - Brands considered copycats that operated in a gray zone. A perfect example is the Hard Rock Cafe Heidelberg which was not part of Hard Rock International.
    A "renegade" Hard Rock Cafe pin in the shape of a guitar with black, red, and yellow stripes on the guitar body and the word "HEIDELBERG" on the fret board.

Pins & Badges Only

  • Fantasy / Not licensed - An unofficial pin made to look official (this example uses both the logos of Hard Rock Café and Disney, but was not authorized by either brand).A "fantasy" Hard Rock Cafe pin depicting Donald Duck playing a banjo.

  • Staff Only - A pin or badge awarded to a Brand's staff members and not originally available to the public.