Ratings are a 10-step evaluation of a Database Item by our members (from 0.5 to 5.0 Stars) and display like this on the Search  -

And on the Database Item Show page  -

All items start off their hobbyDB life at a Rating of 2.75 (halfway between 0.5 and 5.0). This means that an item that got 100 5.0 Ratings ranks supreme over one that got say 2.0 Ratings, allowing for useful Top Tens.

To see the highest or lowest rated items, simply search for something, say Ford Mustang filtered by 1/64 Scale and then click the “Rated: Highest” or “Rated: Lowest” options on the menu dropdown located towards the upper right of every hobbyDB page - 

Any Member can rate items (memberships are free, register here) and it is super simple -

You can also find out how many items somebody rated by looking at their Showcase - 

We suggest that you use 3.5 for your base of a good item so that you have room for extraordinary items (i.e. not rate all items from your favorite brand as a 5.0).