Often companies have elaborate descriptions of their products on the packaging or their websites that do not correspond to our Neutral Point of View policy.  However, it can be of interest and can be added verbatim like this  -

Product Introduction on the back of the box -

"Help, let me go. Greg is a fanbase, sure. But it’s also so much more than that. Greg is Family. We care for one another, and we are all blood related. Greg is a lifestyle. When you become Greg, your name legally changes to Greg. Greg is a great deal as a Greg, you have sold your soul to me and in exchange have received the gift of immortality. Greg is an army. The fastest growing army on the internet. Please do not look any of this up. Danny Gonzalez, black and orange glue gun in hand, enters the Youtooz universe."

This can also be added as a Photo into the Database Item's Gallery and the text could be added as caption.