Grading started in 1949 when Dr. William H. Sheldon invented the 1-70 Grade Scale for coins.  Later the 1.0 to 10.0 and 1 to 100 Scales were added for Action Figures, Comics, Trading Cards, Video Games and more.

If you own (or want to sell) a graded Collectible select Professionally Graded when adding an item and then select the Grading Company  -

You can then add the Grade, Authentication Number (all graded collectibles have some kind of control number) and any possible Qualifiers (the form will allow you to select the Qualifiers for the selected Grading Company).  Qualifiers might be single selections or graded, here is an example for NGC Ancients  -

The item in your collection will then look like this -

Please note  -

  • If you send a Collectible to be graded and it comes back just Edit it and select Professionally Graded.

  • We currently have around 50 Grading Companies, if yours is missing or we did not get the Qualifiers right get in touch!